Sunday 19 May 2024

The serendipity of 7 painters, painting A Crow's Nest & 2 Punjab Ladies

Serendipity Art is art by making connections and being in the right place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time.

7 Painters

In the quiet chambers of their souls, seven painters gather, their hearts unrolled. They wield their brushes like wands of fate, Dancing with colours and transcending the state.
Aurora, the Dreamweaver, whispers to the stars, Her palette ablaze with celestial scars. She paints the dawn’s blush, the twilight’s sigh; guided by moonbeams, she lets her spirit fly.

Zephyr, the wanderer, roams the open fields, His canvas a meadow where wild secrets yield. With strokes of wind and whispers of leaves, He captures the essence of what the heart believes.

Luna, the mystic, dips her brush in moonlight. Her eyes reflect infinite and bright constellations. She weaves cosmic tales on her canvas of night, where stardust and dreams entwine in flight.

Ember, the firebrand, paints with flames aglow, Igniting passion, burning bridges, letting emotions flow. His strokes sear truth into existence’s core, A phoenix rising from ashes forevermore.

Sylvan, the forest sage, listens to ancient trees. Their whispers reveal secrets carried on the breeze. His colours blend moss and bark, fern and dew, A symphony of growth, life’s eternal debut.

Azure, the ocean seer, dives into cerulean depths, Her canvas an abyss where mermaids take their breaths. She captures the ebb and flow, the salt and spray, A tidal rhythm that guides her every sway.

Crimson, the heart’s alchemist, knows love’s sweet pain. His brush dipped in longing, in joy, in rain. He paints the ache of parting, the ecstasy of touch, Each stroke a heartbeat, a testament to love’s clutch.

Together, they form a tapestry of intuition, Seven painters bound by unseen vision. Their art transcends the ordinary, the mundane, For they paint with their souls, leaving no refrain. AI, Copilot.

Intuitive Art

Community Art

Social Art

Art Is Freedom - Asian Heritage Month

April, Alberta Legislature Construction Site Sketch Studies.

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