Thursday 18 April 2024

A Message of Inspiration had Found a Home on the Edmonton 701 Bus

2017, She smiles after all that...

Reconcilation on an ETS bus ride home: As I was riding the 701 bus home from the Alberta Legislature, a moment of serendipity occurred. The painting titled ‘Believe’, a symbol of hope and unity, found a new home. An Indigenous couple on the bus, touched by its message, decided to adopt it. Their eyes were lit with appreciation, a testament to the power of art in bridging gaps and fostering understanding. Humbled by their love for the painting, I was reminded once again of the beauty of shared moments and common bonds. In the end, ‘Believe’ did not just find a new home, it found a place in our hearts, reinforcing our belief in the power of reconciliation and love.
With a surge of passionate love and healing, the canvas was reborn. Its reinforced backside held the divided halves together, uniting them under a fresh coat of vibrant red paint. A new layer, akin to a second skin, was tenderly applied over the turquoise blue scars, symbolizing renewal and growth. Yet, the whites retained their red stains, a poignant reminder of its past. These marks were not to be forgotten but embraced, serving as a testament to its journey and resilience. In all its renewed glory, the canvas stood as a beacon of hope and healing, its story etched in every stroke and hue. 

Someone left a painting 'Believe' by a Jasper Avenue bus stop.

2018, 2024, Tree of Life

2018, 2024, Sideways, a painting about racism on Jasper Avenue.

I picked up the damaged 'Believe' to repair and find it a new home.


2021, Sadie Red Dress, Vietnam

2021, 2024, Blood Tears, Eye on Red Dress

2024-04-13, Lois Hole Memorial Garden

On August 21, 2017, I found myself standing outside the Alberta Legislature, my paint easel set up to face south towards the treeline and bushes adjacent to Premier Rachel Notley’s office. Nestled by the gardens, I witnessed a 74% partial solar eclipse. As the Sun and Moon danced across the sky in their cosmic ballet, the Premier, along with her balcony-seated guests, and I were captivated. As the shadows deepened, the hues on my canvas began to shift - the acrylic greens and blues morphed under the strokes of my paintbrush. Immersed in the moment, I observed the day’s twilight transform the surrounding landscape. The merging shadows during the eclipse created a unique, ephemeral atmosphere that was truly unforgettable.

From my 2020 Freedom to Express and LISTEN art project, I'm wearing my Grandson Thomas's Mario, LISTEN Label War, next to my longtime friend Brian. Our backs are turned to the sun's noon-hour partial eclipses. Brian brought his welder's glass to safely see the sun.

Painting Outdoors During a Partial Eclipse...

We added paint today to my 2020, Trees Do Talk, RESET (The Box)

Painting on the Leg. Grounds Off White and Red Woman Troublemaker

2014, Water, we have a responsibility to our children. Starbucks Coffee Cup art project: Like the ripples in the pond, may our creative endeavors spread healing and positivity. As we sip from our cups, let us remember that water—the lifeblood of our planet—is a sacred trust. We hold it for ourselves and as stewards for generations to come. Our responsibility extends beyond today; it reaches to the 7th generation—a legacy of care, compassion, and sustainable choices. 

2022-2024, Off White

José Martí’s poem “White Rose” (also known as “Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca”) is a powerful expression of his philosophy of generosity and goodwill towards all, regardless of their actions towards him. The white rose symbolizes peace, forgiveness, and friendship. Martí speaks of tending to this rose both in July and January, indicating that his feelings of goodwill are not seasonal or changing; they are constant. In the poem, he extends the white rose to both the true friend and the cruel person. To the friend who is open and honest, the white rose is a symbol of mutual respect and affection. To the cruel person, who causes pain and suffering, Martí offers the same white rose instead of a thistle or thorn, which could represent resentment or revenge for some. This act signifies Martí’s commitment to peace and kindness in the face of hostility, reflecting his broader humanitarian outlook.The poem is a testament to the idea that love and kindness should be universal and not withheld even from those who may not seem to deserve it. It’s a call to rise above bitterness and to respond to cruelty with compassion. Martí’s message is one of hope and the belief that love can overcome hatred and conflict. AI, Copilot.

2018-2024, Red Woman, The Grande Mother Nature.

2024-03-22, Tonight, I started this painting of a forest in just an hour. Interestingly, this was painted over a previous work which depicted a woman protester, I had also painted within an hour outdoors during a protest rally over water in front of the Alberta Legislature in 2018.