Thursday 18 April 2024

My Rosehip art project draws from my 10 years of social art projects.

In November we honor veterans whose bravery is etched in history. Their sacrifices resonate, urging us to cherish democracy. Quietly, we express gratitude—not with fanfare, but through our votes, the guardians of freedom. The ballot, a symbol of our voice, honors those who fought for this right. As each day ends, we stand in tribute, pledging to uphold the liberty they secured. Our daily actions, join the chorus that shapes our fate. We stand united, inspired by the strength of our veterans, to foster a future where freedom’s song endures.

2021-2023, Unity, For Such a Times As This.

2024-03-23, Painter’s Notes, Dumpster Art Collection: The Honourable Rachel Notley, Leader of the King’s Loyal Opposition, was the first to contribute to a discarded canvas that my friend had salvaged from a dumpster during the COVID-19 lockdown. This canvas and three others were dropped off at Eastgate for me to repurpose, giving birth to the ‘Garbage Dumpster Art Project.’ For my 2021-2023 project, ‘Unity, For Such a Time As This!,’ I invited five more individuals to add their personal touch to this community painting. Among them was artist and activist Suzanne Daley, a vocal advocate at the Saturday No New Normal Freedom Rallies inside Violet King Henry Plaza, calling for the Government of Alberta to lift restrictive lockdowns. Suzanne added musical notes to the piece, which I later added: “They Sang Songs of Freedom, O’Canada.” Other contributors included Artur Pawlowski, a Polish preacher who turned politician in 2023, who inscribed the words, ‘For such a time as this,’ from the Old Testament’s Esther 4:14. A young man finished this painting by simply writing with a magic marker, ‘Christ is King.’ MLA Rachel Notley, who will be stepping down as leader of the NDP once a new leader is selected this year, has been instrumental in this project. I want to thank her for contributing to this painting and for her passionate and dedicated public service to the Province of Alberta.
 2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome, unity. 

2023, The Grande Theatre Democracy

Dumpster Art Project Collection.

Worship, Jesus Christ, Hara Krishna, Edmonton Oilers

Hineni, I am here, Palestine

In China, Life is Like a River
Sometimes Rough Waters
Sometimes Calm Waters
Always Changing.

Last of the Alberta Caribou

The Laughing Planet on the back of
George W. Bush and Jason Kenney

Eye on Red

Troublemaker, the coming storm

Fire, Rain Circle, Square

The Painter is a multifaceted individual passionate about art, quantum concepts, and independent journalism, as embodied by “Citizen Free News.” An outsider with community ties and intuitive artistry, they embody creativity, value expression freedom, and engage with quantum intricacies and societal worlds. This unique blend defies conventional labels, revealing a rich tapestry of interests and values.


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