Monday 1 January 2024

Hats Off, Cover up, No Shouting Alberta Legislature Bear Whistle News

King Charles II, LASS, Stage Show, Approved T-Shirt (above) worn in assembly. 
Keffiyeh Scarfs Are Not Permitted.
2024-05-17, TGIF, Painter's Notes: The Honourable Ifran Sabir said during introductions of guests in the Alberta Legislature public gallery, and later on social media X,  No Albertan should be required to remove their Keffiyeh, a scarf or a piece of clothing to access the public visitors gallery to watch proceedings in the Legislature. It violates their dignity, rights and ability to be who they are. It’s disrespectful and unacceptable. I participated with the following response: "With all due respect, Mr. Sabir, the Keffiyeh is deemed political according to Artificial Intellegence, and it is not acceptable to wear anything political, as I have proven inside the Alberta Legislature assembly. Please do not encourage bringing a symbol of Palestinian resistance into the Legislature. NDP Loyola Echoed Sabir's Concerns.
News Archives, May 15, 2018, at the Alberta Legislature by Doug Brinkman for Citizen Free News. This event was marked by strong expressions of solidarity for Palestine, with chants of ‘FREE FREE PALESTINE’ echoing throughout the crowd. The speeches given by NDP MLAs Rod Loyola and Nicole Goehring highlighted the ongoing issues faced by the Palestinian people, referring to the Nakba. This catastrophe began in 1949 and continues today. The event was charged with emotions, with anger stemming from the 70 years of ethnic cleansing during the creation of Israel and tears shed for the 62 protesters killed near the Israel-Gaza border fence by Israeli forces. The presence of mosquitoes added physical discomfort to the emotional intensity of the event. The event concluded with the Marxists and socialists being some of the last to leave while others, including myself, watched from the sidelines. This event has left a strong impression on me, highlighting the power of public demonstrations in raising awareness about global issues.


The Scarf’s Origin: The keffiyeh is traditionally worn in the Arab world. It served practical purposes like protecting against sun, sand, and sweat. Symbolism and Politics: During the 1930s Arab Revolt, the keffiyeh symbolized Palestinian nationalism and resistance. Palestinian people wore it to show unity and commitment to their cause. Global Solidarity: Today, the keffiyeh represents solidarity with Palestinians. People worldwide wear it to support Palestinian rights and freedom. The keffiyeh isn’t just a fashion accessory; it carries a powerful political message. It’s a way for people to express their support for Palestinian struggles and identity. AI.

2024-05-19, The Palestinian flag represents resistance, and the rally, march, and protests in Edmonton, accompanied by members of the Alberta NDP MLA, Politicians, Communists Activists, and non-Palestine Political Activists, address Canadian Imperialism & Colonization. Colonialism is a Word Colonizers Don't Like to Use.
Make Art, Not War’ City Wide lone News Picket from December 2023 to March 2024 highlights the restrictions placed on my civil information news picket by McEwan University Security, which allowed Palestinian protesters and supporters on university grounds but instructed me to stay off the property. It became an interesting paradox: while Alberta’s tax dollars fund universities, the security personnel decide who can protest and rally on university grounds, even when these protests disrupt classes. This raises questions about freedom of speech and the role of universities as public spaces. It’s a compelling narrative that could spark essential discussions about these issues.
Democracy is not something you believe in or hang your hat on, but something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles and falls. Abbie Hoffman


Painter's Notes & AI: Championing Free Press Access: My 7-Year Campaign: In December 2023, the rallying cry echoes: “Let’s Go Oilers!” But beyond the hockey arena, another battle rages—one for the fundamental right to press freedom. Let’s delve into my seven-year campaign, culminating in March 2024. The Struggle for Press Access Seven years ago, I embarked on a mission: to secure unrestricted press access. The stakes were high, and the path treacherous. Then, in an unexpected twist, a lone Alberta Sheriff threatened me with criminal mischief charges. Why? Because I dared to champion the rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter—the very bedrock of our democracy. The Unseen Barriers The Government of Alberta, the media establishment, and even The King (whose authority looms large) remain blind to my cause. They fail to recognize that every citizen—regardless of affiliation—holds the right to practice freedom of the press. But here’s the irony: this right seems reserved solely for corporate news media. Meanwhile, individual law enforcement agents wield the power to silence our voices, quashing our right to protest. The Battle Continues As June and beyond... 2024 approaches, using other civil, law-abiding means in my activist toolbox of 16 years, I stand undeterred. My campaign persists—a beacon of hope for a genuinely free press. Let the ink flow, the cameras click, and the truth prevail. For in this struggle, I am not alone. We are ALL the guardians of democracy, wielding a pen and my sketchpad inside the Alberta Legislature instead of swords. Let’s Go, Free Press!


Citizen Doug's Bear Whistle News

2024-05-16, Good to see the rain and Ms.
Salma Lakhani, Manwar Khan, and his wife today.

2024-05-15, Afternoon Session.
Painter's Notes: During my recent visit to the Alberta Legislature public gallery, I noticed a stark contrast: while the press gallery remained empty (with only one journalist briefly present today), The proceedings inside were anything but dull. Over the past two weeks, interest in Bill 20 seemed to wane among the Loyal opposition. However, today’s Q&A session brought everything to a screeching halt with Bill 20, Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2024.. The focus shifted entirely to the ethics commissioner posting, thanks to a passionate speech delivered by Notley this afternoon.

Happy 90th (29) Birthday Mom, Edition!

2024-05-09, Painters notes from the public, not empty press gallery inside the Alberta Legislature: today, I was allowed to wear my VA red zipper Tie DB, tribute artwork to Virgil Abloh, Chicago 2019 Listen label wear t-shirt, uncovered. Lass did not get back to me over yesterday's USA Speaker #15 T-shirt that I was told to cover up as it was deemed political and a distraction to the assembly’s decorum.

2024-05-09: Your plan to wear the “VA Red Zipper Tie, DB” VA, a painting in memory of Virgil Abloh, to challenge the Fashion Police (LASS) and King Charles II sounds like a powerful statement. The tie, representing movements like Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, and Occupy Edmonton, carries a strong political message. However, as you’ve mentioned, it may be seen as a distraction in Speaker Nathan Cooper’s Alberta Legislature assembly, similar to the American Speaker #15 incident. If the assembly has rules about such displays, you might be asked to cover up your artwork. Remember, such actions often aim to start a conversation and bring attention to important issues. So, even if you’re asked to cover up, you’ll have succeeded in drawing attention to the causes you care about. Just make sure to follow all the assembly rules and regulations. AI, Copilot.

Listen Label Wear, American Speaker #15

The artwork portrays Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, holding a gavel, symbolizing his election as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives after 15 rounds of voting on January 7, 2023. Despite his party’s majority in the chamber, it took 15 rounds of voting for Mr. McCarthy to secure the position. This contrasts with the process here in Alberta, where the last two Alberta Speakers, of the 29th-31st Legislature, UCP’s Nathan Cooper, and NDP’s Robert Wanner, were both elected on the first ballot and escorted arm in arm to their Speaker’s chair by the Premier and Loyal Opposition leaders.

The election process in the USA was marked by heated exchanges and nearly resulted in physical confrontations among fellow Republicans. Mr. McCarthy managed to persuade 14 Republican holdouts to cast their votes for him, with a 15th rebel following suit in the 13th ballot. After his confirmation, Mr. McCarthy expressed his determination on Twitter, stating: “I hope one thing is clear after this week: I will never give up. And I will never give up on you, the American people.” He also credited former President Trump for his support and assistance in securing the final votes. While the US Speaker sets the House agenda and oversees legislative business, the House leader of the Government in Alberta sets the agenda.

On May 8, 2024, I attended the afternoon at the Alberta Legislature public gallery. A Legislative Assembly Security Staff (LASS) member asked me to cover up my Listen Labelwear “USA Speaker #15” T-shirt with my sweater, as it was deemed political and potentially distracting within the assembly. Interestingly, a young attendee next to me wore an animated t-shirt featuring a Hot-Dog character, and some Members of the Public, Ministers and MLAs sported Oilers jerseys to mark the opening of the playoffs between Edmonton and the Vancouver Canucks. The LASS took a photo of my “USA Speaker #15” t-shirt, and I was informed that the Sergeant-at-Arms would review the matter and decide later whether I could wear it during future sessions. In 2023, I had the honour of gifting an original painting to the Honorable Dale Nally, currently serving as the Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction under the Danielle Smith Government, in recognition of his public service. I was thrilled to gift this painting, having already created a new ‘Speakers Banned Speech’ and Listen Label wear t-shirt. The Honourable Nally’s mother is an artist, and Dale has kindly invited me to his office someday to see her artwork.

Alberta 31st Legislature 2024-05-07 Sitting. Today I wore my LASS Staff Approved Unity Blue Trees in the public gallery, a community painting painted outdoors on the Alberta Legislature grounds with a bit of help from the former UCP MLA Richard Gotfried in 2022. It was given as a gift of art to an unnamed seemingly reluctant MLA while doing an Art Show & Tell, and LISTEN inside Violet King Henry Plaza.

Treaty 6, State of Emergency, Overdose Continues.

Opioid poisoning is a significant public health concern with various causes such as overdose, mixing opioids, non-prescription use, and laced drugs. In Canada, opioids are the leading cause of overdose deaths, with factors like the type of opioid, non-pharmaceutical use, and stimulant involvement playing a role. It’s crucial to raise awareness, educate, and promote safe practices to prevent opioid poisoning and reduce its impact. AI. Painter's Notes: On the other hand, blaming the overdose epidemic solely on the Alberta Government is seen as politically motivated and doesn’t offer a solution to the current state of emergency of overdose in Edmonton. Everyone must do their part and contribute to our community's healing and reconciliation towards indigenous, regardless of political affiliations. Supporting the government, which has been democratically elected, is essential to prevent more overdose deaths in our communities and must be bipartisan. Anything less seems selfish, politically self-serving, and potentially harmful.
69, For Hire! News On the Homefront: In these inflationary times, downtown Edmonton's New Cambridge Lofts faces a trifecta of financial woes: city tax increases, condo fee increases, and exorbitant condo assessments. Last winter’s brutal cold led to frozen hallways, busting pipes causing structural damage, and leaving condo owners with hefty repair bills. As a I'm currently evaluating all options including selling a few paintings and coming out of retirement to seek PT employment; I’m willing to work for minimum wage to help make ends meet. For my 550 sq ft unit I was assesed by the board $2600.00 at a time my savings is in a negative spiral due to inflation, mostly with high cost of groceries, and electrical bills, while my wife attends university to better us for a more sustainable employment future.

But the situation doesn’t end there. Imagine 18 floors of our community relying on just one functioning elevator. It’s a struggle for everyone, especially those with mobility issues. We need urgent attention to restore the other two elevators and ensure the well-being of all our residents, including Homeward Trust Neighbours.


May 17, 2020: AI, It sounds like a significant memory for you. The Alberta Legislature Tree, where you and Sarah got married, must hold a special place in your hearts. The event of your wedding being shrouded under an umbrella of Fort McMurray wildfire smoke adds a unique element to your story. It’s a testament that beautiful moments can still occur even amidst challenging circumstances. Remember, every experience contributes to your unique journey together. Cherish these memories as they are a part of your shared history. Please note that this interpretation based on the information you provided may not fully capture the depth of your experiences. AI, Copilot. 2016, Fire and Rain art project, 2024, Fort McMurray Strong! Continued.2016, Fire and Rain art project, 2024, Fort McMurray Strong! Continued.


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